Carter Display Cases in Tesco China

Carter Retail Equipment Ltd. have established a capability to manufacture remote display cabinets and install them into New Tesco stores within China.

Carter cabinets which include Multidecks and Frozen Food full glass doors have been installed in Tesco hypermarket stores located in Quanzhou Wander, Shanghai Shenpujing and Ningbo Yinxian. There a further 7 stores due to have Carter display cases installed which will open before the end of 2012. The cabinet range is also set to expand for these remaining stores which will include service counters, low height Multidecks and Frozen Food well cases.

Carter Retail Equipment have established an excellent relationship with its collaboration partner Pure Cold Ltd. who co-ordinate activities from a manufacturing and installation perspective. All display cabinets have been designed, tested and approved by the client here in the UK before manufacturing can start in China.

Ian Garvey and his team have been instrumental in getting the project off the ground which represents a major boost in Carter Retail Equipment’s ambitions to expand its product and sales overseas.